How to increase video views on YouTube
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How to increase video views on YouTube

When the video is created and uploaded to the channel, the next task for the author is to ensure a constant increase in the number of views of the video in order to promote the overall channel.

There are several effective ways to increase the number of views on your own, but with YouTube policies in mind. There are also a number of paid methods for recruiting or boosting views with varying efficiency. To buy youtube watch time usa you can on


When YouTube views don’t count

First of all, you need to know when video views are not counted, and sometimes lead to negative consequences:

  • Cheats with the help of bots and programs are not only not counted, but YouTube can first send a video to a ban, and then the entire channel. The channel will be deprived of monetization forever. Cheating views with the help of services can be counted at first, and if the intensity is high, YouTube ignores them. Despite the fact that not all views on these services are counted by YouTube. This is when real performers on the service watch the video, but turn off the sound.
  • Transitions on disguised links or pop-up windows on third-party resources.
  • Views of a YouTube video in social media feeds are not counted unless special settings are made.
  • Multiple views from one address and one device are not counted. For example, refreshing the video page in the viewer’s browser. Only one viewing will be counted.
  • Automatic transition to the clip from the previous clip after its end is not taken into account.

What YouTube views counts


A video view is counted when the following four conditions are met:

  • When a video is turned on for viewing by the viewer himself, and not automatically from the previous video.
  • Video playback time should be 10 seconds or more. The authors determined this time from observations. But don’t forget that for YouTube ratings, the longer the watch time, the better.
  • The video viewing screen must be open at least 50% for at least the duration from the previous paragraph.
  • Viewing on any extraneous resources (sites, networks, forums) will be counted if it is performed from the built-in player. For social networks, you also need to change the settings on the channel («Distribution Settings», and uncheck the box «Allow video embedding»).
  • From one IP only one view is counted.

How to increase the number of views

In order to achieve an increase in views, you need to improve the design of the video:

  • Create an attractive intriguing title and an equally effective preview - a thumbnail next to the title in the YouTube list.
  • At the beginning of the video, place a short announcement of its content with bright moments.
  • Place links to other channel videos on this topic at the end of the videos. Then, in the same way, they can switch to this video from other videos.
  • Using tags with keywords for the video and its title. They are optimized according to the YouTube algorithm. Use YouTube analytics for this.
  • A short but meaningful description of the video on its page.
  • Use time codes.
  • The quality of the video. The content must match the title and preview.


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